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A video with our activities! 😊

14. may at 16:00 at the culture house 25. time international national music festival «Apstīgoju zelta kokli, nodziedāju skaņu dziesmu» concert,

26.04. at 13.30. creative meeting, conversation, meeting with Jelgava polyclinics new head Gunta Arnita.

27.04. at 13.00. Baiba Bicēna from Riga with a presentation “Available environment for people with hearing problems” with that kind of information which in Latvia many practically don’t know about. She has demonstrated in Apeiron, hear events, and she came to a conclusion that she could present it else where – if there are people who want to watch and learn something new.

Thursdays will be come together days 🙂

23.04.16. cinema feature film -‘’I am here’ in Jelgavas Culure house.

17.04.16. Ā.Alunāna Theatre performance F.Lou ‘’My beautiful lady’’

05.04.16. Cornelia Masterclass ”Pogas”.

02.04.14. Easter event

25.02.16. SUSTENTO representative meeting.

8.march at 11:00. Pasta Street 44 Augusts Brigmanis a latvian politician will visit us. He is part of the Latvian Farmers Union as well as the Greens and Farmers Union faction head;

8.march at 18:00 ZZS has invited us to a specially prepared International Womens day concert in Jelgavas culture house.

10. MARCH Thursday, 14:00Jelgava Culture House Great Hall Integrative Arts Festival regional competition – concert  „Nāc līdzās! Zemgale”

26.february at 14:00 will happen an informative seminar  “Answers to your questions”

06.02.16.  monthly meeting – Dace day.

08.02.16. «Has it become easier to live after the 2008. crisis?» – Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) Communications faculty dean Taņa Lāce and professor Ritma Rungule, who invited ”Zvaigzne’’ into 13 countries ES project «On values and trust-based, inclusive Europe development of social investment help».

16.01.2016 ”ZVAIGZNE” 17. birthday.

16.01.16. BJDK «Vēja zirdziņš» charity concert «Iesim, bērni, čigānos».

01.16. ’’Youth with a mission’’ from America.

YEAR 2016